Best Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

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After a stroke a person may have impairments in movement, sensory or cognitive capabilities. Impairments related to movement may consist of posturing or spasticity of the limbs. Sensory deficits can result in absent or decreased sensation in areas of the body or altered sensation like pins and needles or numbness covering an area of the body. Cognitive difficulties can related to memory, language or spatial awareness problems. The goal of stroke rehabilitation to help work on these deficits and help improve them.

Types of Therapy

Types of Therapy

Of course specificity is important in your recovery. Understanding your deficits and tailoring your rehabilitation to your needs can greatly speed your recovery. Different therapies and protocols should be used for a communication disorder versus a spatial awareness problem. As you can imagine different therapies also for movement rehabilitation is used as compared to rehabilitating sensory deficits.

The road of stroke recovery can be a daunting one. A strong support team maybe needed. Addressing the mental aspects related to recovery can be a vital component, as the person learns the simple things in life all over again. Support groups or a counselor can really be helpful to deal with this difficult aspect of recovery. Also educating oneself on the recovery process and having a better understanding of exactly what is happening can be reassuring.

Stroke rehab should begin as soon as practically possible after the stroke. Once again tailoring treatment to the capability levels of the person is a key aspect. Working on cognitive skills while motor impairment is severe may be an approach. Or more passive sensory therapy may be appropriate. Research has now shown that it is never too late to start your rehabiliation. You can always improve from where you currently are. Other than physical therapy, some nutritional supplements can also help stroke patients recover.

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