Stroke Rehabilitation Tips and Recovery Advice

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Strokes can cause impairment in ability ranging from mild to severe. The area of the brain affected by the stroke and the severity to which it was affected determines the type of impairment a person may experience. Now a days there is a wealth of information to help educate yourself on risk factors and prevention options when it comes to strokes as well as rehabilitation options available post stroke. Regular cardiovascular exercises for your heart and lungs, keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure within normal limits are keys to stroke prevention. Addressing other risk factors such as smoking or if you have circulation or heart problems can also play a large role in preventative stroke care. The goal of this website is to present information relating to strokes with a focus on the recovery and rehabilitation aspects.

Rehabilitation & Recovery Tips.

Rehabilitation & Recovery Tips

Any type of activitity that stimulates or activites the brain can play a role in stroke recovery. Physical activities such as Tai Chi can help speed recovery time for some stroke victims. The slow controlled use of sequential movements can help with reactivating areas of the nervous system associated with motor (movement) skills. The added benefit of improving memory is achieved through the learning of the Tai Chi routines. A lot of the actions of Tai Chi are also great for improving balance, which is a vital skill to help with gait and mobility for stroke recovery. Research has also shown some added bonuses for the mind with improvements in concentration and calmness with regular practice.

It is important to understand that stroke recovery takes time and will require some hard work. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts for time and hardwork. However, this site aims to help you learn the ways to make your rehab more efficient and to maximise your results. Each day, each week and each month builds on the previous one, to help put you a little close to your goals of regaining independence. Keeping up to date and utilizing the latest advances in stroke rehabilitation and recovery can help you on your road to recovery.

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  1. cecil says:

    hi guys,

    great site, story is tt my grand aunt had her second stroke 4 months back. shes not doing to well and getting seizures on and off,. your site is really encouraging!

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