Dancing for stroke recovery, Benefits of Dance

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It is important your stroke recovery is not a dragging and burdensome task. I always encourage patients to find activities they enjoy, it is a very easy way to increase compliance. One fun way to help your stroke recovery is dancing.

Dance is a great stroke rehabilitation tool. Once your are mobile enough you should incorporate it into your rehab program. It involves the movement and co ordination of many groups of muscles. It also works on balance and flexibility, which are health assets that are very important as we age. Also the use of rhythm and timing is very important for the brain and has been shown to be very beneficial in stroke recovery. So now is the time to get back on the dance floor.

Dancing for stroke recovery

Dancing for stroke recovery

Freestyle dancing is good for beginners to learn to keep their balance and develop their rhythm with the music. Once you feel comfortable with your balance, you can move on to learning more choreographed steps. This will help to challenge your co ordination and improve memory recall.

The great thing about dance is that it can be enjoyed at home. You may rent or purchase a video instructional or just put on your favourite musical piece and improvise. You could also hire a dance instructor or take dance classes.

The Baltimore Veterans Affair Medical Center conducted a study on aerobic dance classes. Aerobics was a popular form of exercise in the 1980s and this form of dance may focus more on an area of the body.

The study used isolated, repetitive, goal-orientated movements similar to those applied in a regular aerobic dance class except that their aerobics exercise program for stroke patients included only two isolated movements a lower-limb workout and upper extremity exercises. The results indicated that aerobic exercises helped stroke patients improve mobility and physical functioning.

With an increasing body of inspiring stories of recovery from new and innovative therapies, gone are the times that stroke survivors are given little or no hope. So what are you waiting for? Share your inspiring story below in the comments.

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