High Risks of Recurring Strokes

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Recent research publish in February, 2010 in the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology finds that one out of 12 people who have a stroke will likely soon have another one, and one out of four will likely die within one year.

The research was performed by searching a state hospital discharge database and identifying about 10,000 people with an average age of 69 who suffered a stroke in 2002. It was found eighteen percent went on to have a recurrent stroke within four years. It was also found a number of heart attacks or deaths also occurred within this time period.

High Risks of Recurring Strokes

High Risks of Recurring Strokes

The study concluded 25 percent of people who had a stroke died within one year and eight percent had another stroke within the time period of one year. The researchers stated that the findings of the study demonstrate that the united states has a long way to go in preventing and reducing the risk factors for recurrent stroke.

The recurrent stroke risk was higher in African-American groups and also increased with age and health complications in addition to stroke itself.

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