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A common fear among people is the thought of having a stroke. The fear may not only be related to dying (stroke is one of the leading causes of death throughout the world), but also because if they survive they have a strong chance of losing independence of daily activities. The simple acts often taken for granted such as eating, talking, walking and taking care of oneself would no longer be an option. As a stroke survivor many of these basic human functions must be re learnt. Those that are fortunate will see a near total recovery, while others may continue their stroke rehabilitation for months to years and might possibly need ongoing assistance at a care facility. The rehabilitation process is an individual process and can take many forms. This recovery may include physical therapy, psychological interventions, medicines and natural supplements to help with the recovery process.

hope in stroke recovery

hope in stroke recovery

When an area of the brain is damaged there usually is a resultant deficit the functions controlled by that area. Physical therapy can help the patient by improving the movement of muscles and joints. Spacticity is a common issue after a stroke and can result in pain and decreased range of movement. Exercise is also important for muscle strength, balance and coordination. The stroke rehabilitation process is usually started once the patient’s medical condition has stabalized. Physical exercise is also important to prevent future strokes. Other added benefits include controlling weight, regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

We never wish to imagine ourselves or a loved one being faced with the issue of a stroke. But if it did happen, it is comforting to know that with today’s advances in stroke rehabilitation we have hope for the best recovery.

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