New Findings Research help Stroke Treatment, Cures

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Science is always pushing the boundaries as biologist, professors and scientists search for new and improved ways of helping stroke patients.

The methodology of reverse engineering has been applied in every field and helped find a cure for almost anything. In the computer world, this is how hackers break into systems, create better applications, solve computer problems and defeat malicious software like viruses and worms.

New Findings

New Findings

Vaccinations and antibiotics have benefited from this age-old approach. Now, it is being applied to stroke therapy. The advances in learning about how the brain and nervous system adapt to change make it an exciting time in stroke rehabilitation.

Exciting research at UC Irvine Medical Center by neurologist have shown hoe to restore damaged brain cells by reversing the symptoms of a stroke. A growth factor that triggers the nervous system to grow was discovered by the neurologist. This growth factor was applied to 15 stroke patients who made dramatic improvements even after 3 months of the test. The study is progressing through different phases of safe testing. There are still many years of clinical development to validate the safety and efficacy of this type of treatment. The novel therapy has been called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, this growth factor acts on nerve cells in the brain vital to learning, memory and higher thinking. It promotes the growth and connection of nerve cells to improve communication. This is vitally important in stroke rehabilitation where the brain is undergoing neuroplastic changes as it adapts to learning new activities.

Breakthroughs like this open the door for endless possibilities for stroke recovery. It shows the natural inherent ability of the brain to regenerate. We are learning to exploit the natural ability and power of the brain to make lives better, especially for stroke patients.

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