Minimize Stroke Recovery Time

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Stroke Recovery Time

After a patient has stabilized the next most pressing question revolves around stroke recovery time. This of course is a very individual factor and is influenced by a few important things. In this article I want to talk about maximizing the factors you can change so the stroke recovery time can be as quick as possible and recovery potential can be improved. This involves being exposed to the latest concepts in stroke rehabilitation and using the best and most advanced exercises in stroke recovery.

Stroke Recovery Time[Is it possible to reduce stroke recovery time? YES! With the right stroke rehab]

Stroke Recovery Time is Dependent Upon

Stroke recovery time depends on the individual and the extent of the damage from the stroke. These factors we cannot change. But stroke recovery time is also influenced by the stroke rehabilitation process. This is the biggest area we can exert influence over and greatly improve stroke recovery time. Many stroke survivors are angry and frustrated by the post stroke rehabilitation they have access to. It is not any one’s fault, stroke rehabilitation is a very under serviced area of health care.

Like most advances in technology, health care is no different. As changes and innovations are made, to begin with only a select few people will be exposed to them. And accepting change is something that society in general takes time to accommodate and get used to. So, slowly if the new method proves it’s merit it will trickle to the masses and more people will be exposed to it. This slow and tedious dissemination process is also true of advances in stroke rehabilitation. Most post stroke patients and dare I say therapist and rehab facilities are far behind on the latest advancements in techniques, methods and critical thinking for stroke rehab.

Reducing Stroke Recovery Time

Unless you were lucky to participate in a clinical trial or be on the cutting edge of advancements in stroke recovery, you will unlikely have been exposed to the best exercises for stroke patients. And this is sad because it will most likely mean your stroke recovery time will be longer than it needs to be. The last ten years has seen an explosion in the knowledge about the brain and how it can recover. It has also seen the introduction of what I call ground breaking exercises and techniques that can speed stroke recovery time faster than ever thought possible. There are scientist out there that are pushing the boundaries further than we ever thought possible. Unfortunately most stroke survivor will never know about these methods, be exposed to them or even get to use them.

A stroke recovery time that is longer than what it needs to be saddens me. So I have made it a goal to try and educate the masses and those who are in need about the revolutionary methods of stroke recovery that are available. And regardless of financial status or location, if you are interested in these techniques to improve your stroke recovery time then you should be able to use them. If you have just done the standard approach to stroke recovery, then you are really doing yourself a disservice not to dig deeper and educate yourself of the latest advancements to speed stroke recovery time.

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