New Stroke Drug DP-b99 Reaches Phase III Testing

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A stroke drug called DP-b99 by the company D-Pharm Ltd has reached phase III testing. Phase III testing is an important stage for a drug after it has initially been proven safe, it will undergo a randomized controlled multicenter trials on a large patient base (300-3000+). The real goal of phase III is an assessment of how effective the drug is compared to current protocols.

DP-b99 has ongoing phase III trials and that the protocol for testing will be published online in the International Journal of Stroke and in the August 2011 print edition. The aims of the study are to assess safety and the ability of the drug to improve outcome in moderately severe acute ischemic stroke patients.

About DP-b99

DP-b99 is what is called a broad-spectrum neuroprotective drug that deals with a wide range of brain damaging processes that happen in stroke patients. In earlier Phase I and II studies that were preclinical and clinical DP-b99 showed efficacy and safety. In a Phase II trial involving 150 ischemic stroke patients, DP-b99 increased by double the amount the percentage of recovered patients. DP-b99 must be administered within a nine hour therapeutic window.

At this stage it certainly looks very promising for DP-b99. Unfortunately it seems that it only has a small therapeutic window or opportunity to be administered.

More information can be found here at new stroke drug DP-b99.

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